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What is AARC

APASL-ACLF Research Consortium is an initiative to bring experts from Asia-Pacific region to come together and form a working group on understanding and develop this distinct syndrome of acute-on-chronic liver failure, with a high short term mortality and more importantly, with a potential of reversibility. This initiative can begin and strive ahead by consolidating data of ACLF patients from all our centers together and then study and bring out a consensus guidelines which can be applied for the benefit of our diverse patients from Asia-Pacific. It is of paramount importance that we work together and make a better future for our patients suffering from this dreaded, yet curable syndrome.


    • Total cases enrolled = 10516
    • Total centers across Asia = More than 95
    • Total manuscripts = More than 40
    • Total video conferences conducted = 98
    • Total abstract presented in conference by AARC group = More than 50

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